Long Term Care Education

Secured Retirement Strategies Group offers education on long term care to both individuals and corporations through private or group meetings and events, including conferences, seminars, and webinars. Our team is qualified to offer information and lead discussions on the fundamentals of long term care, including:

  • Definition and description
  • Care options
  • Cost of care
  • Coverage through private health insurance
  • Coverage through Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap
  • Impact on family caregivers
  • Private funding solutions
  • Long term care insurance solutions

For more information, go to Long Term Care Education. To invite a member of our team to meet with you privately or speak at your next meeting or event, go to Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Long Term Care Consulting

With the risk for requiring long term care at 70% for persons over the age of 65, the best way to protect the assets within your retirement plan is to include a viable solution to manage the risk. Our consultants have the experience and expertise to develop a strategy for long term care that will secure your retirement assets, help cover the costs associated with care and lessen the burden of caregiving by your friends and family.

Long term care insurance is an affordable option for many. Coverage and cost is based on age and current health condition. To maximize your financial alternatives and minimize premium cost, the best strategy is to plan sooner than later. Why not start today?

For more information, go to Long Term Care Consulting. To set an appointment with a qualified member of our team, go to Contact Us. We look forward to meeting you.

Long Term Care Solutions

Secured Retirement Strategies Group offers financial products from the nation’s leading insurance providers. We assist our clients in developing a plan and securing products that meet their financial needs and qualifications, including: vendor and product analysis, plan design, application and implementation.

We annually review plans with our clients to assess the potential need for any modifications to help better manage the impact of changes within the family or market fluctuations on their retirement portfolio.

SRSG works with highly-rated insurance providers that have proven their long-term financial stability to offer clients accurate and dependable administrative services, such as invoicing, annual statements, changes to beneficiary designation, etc.

For more information, go to Long Term Care Solutions. If you would like to receive assistance with developing a new plan to meet your long term care needs or would like us to review an existing plan, we invite you to Contact Us. We look forward to working with you to establish a plan that will secure your assets, future and dreams for the long term.

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