CareOptions has three primary capabilities that can provide help with understanding and developing a long term care plan.

Search Capabilities

With CareOptions, you and your family can quickly and easily locate and select medical facilities, physicians and other care providers nationwide with zip code-based utilities including assisted living, nursing home, home health care, adult day care, homemaker services and hospice care.


Financial apps are also available to help you estimate the future cost of long term care and the insurance or investments needed to fund that cost. CareOptions can also help you estimate the financial impact should family members choose to be caregivers.

Documentation and File Cabinet

Now you can create a Care Alert card, Advance Directive, Caregiver Agreement and Comprehensive Care Guide and conveniently store them along with other pertinent documents in a 256-bit encrypted online file cabinet – free of charge. You can access these documents on a computer, smartphone or tablet via the internet to ensure your health care wishes are quickly and easily conveyed and delivered to a hospital, clinic or physician.


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