I’m a Member of CareOptions…What Do I Do Next?

Create a Living Will

The first thing to do is to click on the icon titled ‘Create A Living Will’ in the Care Planning Tools section. Many people don’t have a Living Will (Advance Directives). Do this first and store it in your encrypted personal File Cabinet. If you already have a Living Will, that’s great! Use this app to revise your Living Will and store it securely online.

Set Up Your File Cabinet

When you click on the ‘Create A Living Will’ icon you will be asked to setup your encrypted online personal File Cabinet. Simply create a Username/Password and your online File Cabinet stores your CareOptions documents. You can even create the same documents for your spouse or family members and store them in the File Cabinet.

Create a Care Alert

Next, click on ‘Create a Care Alert’. Help potential caregivers with the information they need to help you, your family and your pets in case of an emergency situation. Your Care Alert can be printed on a single page and/or on a wallet-sized card.

Create a Care Guide

Finally, click on ‘Create a Care Guide’. The Care Guide includes a personalized projection of costs for care services.

From there, explore any of the other CareOptions apps as they apply to you. These include Heath & Wellness Center, Home Safety Assessment, Brain Fitness, Pet Care, as well as listings of physicians, hospitals/clinics and care facilities near you – or any zip code in the country in which you need to access information―and much more!


If you have questions about setting up your membership through CareOptions, contact Jamie Boehlke at Secured Retirement Strategies toll free at 844-898-7774.

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